Best kebabs of the Turkish food culture

In this article, we will discuss the types of the best kebab in Abu Dhabi originating in Turkey. Make sure you try these kebabs when you go to Abu Dhabi.

Chicken kebab: In Turkey, chicken kebabs are known as tavuk kebab or sometimes even as pilic kebab. You should definitely bother trying these genuine chicken kebabs when you are in Abu Dhabi. These chicken kebabs are prepared from either the breast of the chicken or even the meat of the chicken which is darker in color. The chicken kebabs of the Turkish food culture are extremely juicy and moist. The reason is that the chicken is marinated in yogurt or in some cases, marinated in milk as well. After which the chicken is marinated over in flavorings and olive oil.

Iskender kebab: this is quite a popular dish of the kebab. The iskender kebab consist of lightly and finely cut pieces of meat from the kebabs that are referred to as doner which are kept on the upper side of the smooth pide bread chopped in squares. This pide bread is very much like the pita bread. Finally, butter and sharp flavored sauce prepared from yogurt and tomatoes is dotted on the dish.

Classic kebab: It doesn’t matter if you are in Turkey or you are in a Turkish restaurant in Abu Dhabi then you should definitely try kebabs. The first kebab that you should try is the classic kebab. In some places, this kebab is referred to as shish kebab and in other places it is referred to as sis kebab. The class kebab comprise of small pieces of beef that is marinated and those small pieces are then placed on grill stick and grilled and generally no vegetables are used.

Doner kebab: If you translate the word ‘doner’ then it would mean ‘turning’. The doner kebab is an extremely popular kebab which is copied or reproduced all around Europe, most importantly in Germany. The type of doner kebab made in Turkey is thinner in comparison with the foreign types. The doner kebab that you eat or find in Turkey, could comprise of different kind of meats. However, the doner kebab made in Turkey or Abu Dhabi are either made up of beef or meat of the lamb.

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